Teresa Cody, DDS

General Dentistry in Sugar Land, TX

Teresa Cody, DDS

Teresa Cody, DDS, is a knowledgeable and talented Doctor of Dental Surgery specializing in General Dentistry and Aesthetics. Dr. Cody sees patients at C & C Dental, a premier general, cosmetic, and aesthetic dental practice in Sugar Land, Texas.

Dr. Cody never thought she’d end up a dentist. Her childhood dentist did not believe in anesthetics. This painful experience left her petrified and made her a challenging patient due to fear. 

When Dr. Cody attended college, she went to an excellent dentist and discovered dental visits could be pain-free, even pleasant. Maybe that is why she is obsessed with finding new and better ways to make dentistry comfortable.

Her practice offers amenities like televisions to entertain patients during procedures and new anesthetics – no shot necessary. Dr. Cody also provides topical cream to numb gums, specially formulated and made by the compounding pharmacist. In addition, high-tech equipment makes every job more manageable. She has a special interest in orthodontics and aesthetics.

Dr. Cody and Dr. Cashion met in dental school. They have two children, Erin and Neal. Their marriage is a prime example of the phrase “never say never,” as Dr. Cashion, a born and bred Texas Aggie, swore he would never marry a Texas Longhorn growing up. As fate would have it, Dr. Cody is a Texas Longhorn.

Erin needed braces due to severely overcrowded teeth. Most orthodontists she talked to wanted to pull teeth. Dr. Cody decided that she would do it herself if she couldn’t have her daughter treated the way she wanted. 

Thus began the new passion of her career. After hundreds of hours of orthodontic training, she established a goal of non-extraction braces whenever possible.

Neal has Down syndrome. Dr. Cody and Dr. Cashion understand the difficulties in getting dental treatment. They have a thorough knowledge of the anatomy and physiology of the child’s needs. Often, there is severe crowding and no room for the tongue, resulting in subsequent speech problems and deep palates.

As an adjunct to their busy general family practice, Dr. Cody and Dr. Cashion are particularly interested in treating special needs children. They started a non-profit 501c3 called Changing Minds Foundation to support further research and treatment of individuals with Down syndrome.