Hair Restoration

Hair Restoration services offered in Sugar Land, TX

Hair Restoration

If you’re self-conscious about thinning hair and desire an all-natural solution, turn to C & C Dental in Sugar Land, Texas. Board-certified dentists Tim Cashion, DDS, and Teresa Cody, DDS, offer hair restoration using noninvasive platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and alternative injections. Schedule a consultation at C & C Dental by phone or online today to learn more. 

Hair Restoration Q & A

What is hair restoration?

Hair restoration treatments at C & C Dental use platelet-rich plasma (PRP) from your blood or alternative injections sourced from all-natural plant sources to promote cell regeneration and stimulate hair growth without downtime, pain, or harsh treatments. PRP and other injectables are rich in platelets and other substances that optimize healing and cell growth.

In addition to hair restoration, C & C Dental offers an array of aesthetics options, including facial recontouring and cosmetic dentistry. 

What are the benefits of nonsurgical hair restoration?

Choosing hair restoration at C & C Dental offers an array of benefits, including:

  • Faster hair growth
  • Fuller, thicker hair
  • Healthier hair
  • Younger-looking appearance
  • Self-confidence
  • No pain, surgery, or downtime
  • Aesthetically pleasing results

Hair restoration using PRP and other alternative injections offers outstanding results without invasive treatments or harsh medications. 

The C & C Dental experts personalize a treatment that’s best suited for your unique situation and cosmetic goals.

What happens during hair restoration?

During hair restoration with PRP, an aesthetic specialist takes a sample of your blood. Using a centrifuge, they separate PRP from the remainder of your blood to obtain a concentrated source of growth factors. 

Your provider numbs your scalp to make each treatment feel comfortable. They inject PRP, along with plant-based alternative injections as needed, into targeted areas. 

You receive multiple injections during each hair restoration treatment, though each injection takes just a minute or two.

What can I expect after hair restoration treatment?

After hair restoration treatments, your scalp may be slightly red, tender, or swollen, but you can resume typical daily activities immediately afterward. Your provider often recommends a series of hair restoration injections and periodic maintenance treatments to ensure long-lasting results. They let you know when to schedule your next treatment session.

To maintain healthy hair, It’s important to minimize stress, eat nutritious foods, take vitamin supplements if needed, and maintain hormone balance. 

Follow up with C & C Dental if you’re interested in additional cosmetic treatments or to schedule routine dental cleanings and exams.

Schedule a hair restoration consultation at C & C Dental by calling the office or using the online scheduler today.