Whiten Your Teeth for the Holidays

Nov 10, 2023
Whiten Your Teeth for the Holidays
You need your smile to be at its dazzling best in time for all the holiday parties and pictures you’ll face in the next few weeks. Find out more about how you can bring your smile back to life!

The holidays are coming!

This time of year means lots of parties and get-togethers are in your future, and where there are many parties, there are many pictures.

If your teeth have been looking a little dull lately, a quick teeth whitening treatment might be just the ticket to have your smile looking its best for all those holiday photos.

Here at C & C Dental in Sugar Land, our team led by Dr. Tim Cashion and Dr. Teresa Cody has your back when it comes to teeth whitening.

Whether you prefer an at-home or in-office treatment, here’s what you can expect from us.

Why do your teeth need to be whitened?

Enamel is on the surface of every tooth, and it has a natural whitish hue — this is why your teeth normally look white. Over time, though, a couple of factors can cause your teeth to become darker, yellowish, or stained.

Under your enamel is a layer of dentin that gives your teeth structure. Dentin is naturally yellow, and over time, this yellowish shade can show through the white, particularly if your enamel is thin.

The other major factor is what you eat and drink. Everything that goes in your mouth comes in contact with your enamel, so pigmented residue from dark food and drink builds up over time. This includes substances such as coffee, dark soft drinks, dark berries, and tomato-based sauces. These stain molecules get trapped in the microstructure of your teeth, making your teeth look darker.

Tooth decay and medications can also cause your teeth to be discolored. 

How does teeth whitening work?

The upshot of all this is that you may need teeth whitening to restore the brightness of your smile. At C & C Dental, we use the KöR Whitening SystemTeeth whitening systems work by using peroxide gels, which form hydrogen peroxide to whiten your teeth. Patients achieve the best results when these gels are at full potency, when they are free to attack the stain by producing whitening factors, and when they have enough time to do their work.

The problem with many systems is that they don’t meet these criteria. (Saliva in the mouth breaks down the gel so its effectiveness fades quickly.) KöR changes that with proprietary KöR-Seal™ trays, which are designed to seal out saliva. When combined with KöR whitening gels, these trays give you six to 10 hours of whitening time as opposed to about a half hour with other systems.

You can choose between at-home options that last about two weeks (both nighttime and daytime systems are available), and stronger in-office treatments if you have a tougher case or need maximum results as quickly as possible.

If you’re ready to bring back your dazzling smile for the holidays, C & C Dental has you covered. OFFER: Holiday Smile $100 off the BEST Whitening system - KöR Whitening.

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